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since 1968 ...

Aluminium Melting Furnace and Holding Furnace

Oray Makina makes design melting and holding furnace according to the customer request and capacity.

We are manufacturing ourself R&D designed economic tilting furnace with regenerative system.

Our furnaces design with steel construction to resist for heavy aluminium casting foundry conditions,termal stress and mechanical stress.

Multi pieces furnace door prevent deformation at operation for 20 tons capacity and more.

Our furnaces have regeneratif burning system for high energy efficiency.Also furnaces automation has high technology controlling system.In this way furnaces chimney outlet temprature is almost 150C-200C.In traditional old desing furnace chimney temprature are almost 600-700C.

Furnace refractory material consist of high abrasion resistance,non wetting cast brick and bulk insulation materials.

The furnaces are environmentally friendly and have low NOx values.

Regenerative burner system ignites a pair of burners integrated with the heat reservoirs alternately at intervals of several tens of seconds. While one burner is burning, the exhaust gas passes through and heats the other burner’s heat reservoir to recover the energy of the exhaust gas. Then, when the other burner burns, the air for combustion in turn passes through the preheated heat reservoir to recover the exhaust gas energy which had conventionally been wasted, to provide high efficient combustion.








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