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since 1968 ...

Aluminium Bilet Saw Machine

Technical Details

1 )   Billet cutting diameter capacity is Ø90-Ø178 mm

2)    Cutting disc diameter is Ø550mm and thickness is 4.2mm.

Billet saw machine electrical motor is 11KW and 2800rpm.Diameter of the cylinder which is up down   moving for billet saw is Ø80mm.Hydraulic pump capacity is 8lt/min.Cutting force is 2 tons.

  Velocity of the cutting saw is 0-25mm/sec and this specification can be set.Operator can set the velocity according to the diameter of billets with reduce hydraulic valve.

3 )   Hydraulic jaw can squeeze ,hydraulic drive can make automatic cutting.

       Diameter of the squeeze jaw is Ø80mm and operating pressure is 40 bar.Hydraulic pump is 8lt/min.

       Total force of the squezze jaw is 2 tons.Velocity of the moving squeeze is 0-25mm/sec.

4 )   There is a half automatic driving conveyor to move billets forward cutting saw.If you have enough area   

        you can use second conveyor after cutting saw.This conveyor provide time and you do not need turn  

        the billets to cut other face.Second driving conveyor move to billets after first cutting face.If you need

        second conveyor you can send e-mail about this.This offer does not include second conveyor.

5 )    We will give swarf ship,boron oil pump and tank,swarf cover and 1 pcs Ø550mm diamond tipped  

         cutting disc

7 )    There is a small converyor,this can not drive billets it is just keep the billets after cutting.Size of the 

         small conveyor is 1500mm.

8)     Machine width is 1800mm and total length is 8000mm.

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